Best Places To Visit In South India - Kerala Tour Packages

Best Places To Visit In South India - Kerala Tour Packages



Best Places To Visit In South India - Kerala Tour Packages

Posted by: Anamika Sharma

Kerala is one of the rarest tourist places on earth which you could visit all year round. Kerala tour during monsoon season gives you a chance to explore this gorgeous place in a whole new way. Everything looks all the fresher and pleasing to the eyes when rain splashes here. The state basically has two monsoon seasons; the first arrives in the month of June and the other mid-October. offers domestic tour packages for you with an eventual insight into the many brilliant locations of the nation, so you can begin your travel with us in a paradisiacal location, with pleased senses and relaxed mind. Tripsgateway's Kerala holiday packages are readily available and much sought after due to the amount of sightseeing opportunities they provide. Choosing Kerala holiday packages may be a challenging task as the state of Kerala has so many beautiful areas to visit that you could need to pay a visit to the state, twice.

Tripsgateway tour package provides a complete remedy to the tourists who need to delight in the beauties of distinct places. Tripsgateway will normally incorporate a Kerala tour that offers you the choice of an earthy experience with tribal. They also give you an opportunity to explore the exotic wildlife. You're totally free to pick the Kerala tour packages in accordance with your choice and according to the budget. For a whole experience of Kerala, it's wise to go for assorted tour packages obtainable for Kerala Tours.

Kerala Honeymoon Tour If you'd like to create your memorable honeymoon in Kerala then you are able to secure the assistance of Tripsgateway. Well if you're planning for vacations and searching for something unique and incredible then look no further than India, undoubtedly among the most popular tourist destination fascinates great number of visitors from throughout the planet, throughout the year. Part of your holidays in Kerala can likewise be invested in rejuvenating yourself in the organic way.

Tripsgateway provides various types of hotels packages at affordable prices. Numerous hotels that range from lodges to five-star luxury hotels exist in the cities of Kerala. The city of Kozhiode, also called Calicut, is among the highly developed cities in Kerala. There are wonderful and appealing areas for honeymoon.

Kerala Tour is an excellent option for the newly wedded couples where they can get an understanding between both and begin a new life too. It offers a lot to its tourist and vacationer as well. A South India tour is an incredibly very good idea.

During your trip to Kerala, you also have to take a Munnar tour. Munnar is one of the most popular hill stations in South India. It is nestled in Western Ghats at an altitude of 6000 ft and is located in Idukki district of Kerala.  This picturesque hill station beckons nature lovers from far and near.As opposed to making your own tour it is preferable to find tailor made package tour for Kerala to find the best from your holiday time.

Most Famous Destination in Munnar, Town in Kerala

Munnar is a town in the Western Ghats mountain range in India’s Kerala state. Find best tourist places in Munnar, attractions, sightseeing tours, & traveler reviews for a perfect holiday. Here, some important tourist attractions and places to see in Munnar.

1. Mattupetty Dairy Farm: Mattupetty is also famous for the Indo-Swiss Farm. This is a highly specialized dairy farm which comes under Indo-Swiss Livestock Project. Hundreds of high quality cattle are reared here and new varieties are scientifically developed.

2. Kundala Lake: Kundala Lake is an artificial reservoir of a minor arch shaped dam huddled between the mountain ranges. It is about a 20 km drive from Munnar. There is boating facility there and don’t forget to go for a Shikara boat ride while you are there!

3. Mattupetty Dam: Mattupetty dam and its reservoir is located 13 km away from Munnar.  This concrete gravity dam is built between the hill ranges and it is used mainly for water storage for hydroelectric projects. Its reservoir is an idyllic place to enjoy the serene nature. It is also said to be one of the waterholes where the elephants in the region often visit.

4. Echo Point: Echo Point, Munnar, KeralaEcho point image: Echo Point is about 15 km from Munnar. Go there and scream as loud as you can and wait for a minute. You can hear your echo back! Its quite interesting. If you have kids with you. They will love it. They can experience this natural phenomenon firsthand.

5. Top Station: It is about 40 km from Munnar and it is 1,880 meters above sea level. The panoramic view of the Western Ghats and the valley of Theni from Top station is simply breathtaking. Top station got this name from it’s being the uppermost located railway station on the Kundala Valley Railway.

6. Rajamalai (Part of Eravikulam National Park): Rajamala, part of Eravikulam national park, is located at about 15 kms from Munnar.  This region is the natural habitat of the Nilgiri Tahr (Hemitragas hylocres). It was converted to a national park to provide a safe sanctuary for the already endangered species of Nilgiri Tahr.

7. Marayoor Sandalwood Forests Sandalwood forest Marayur: This is located at around 42 kms north of Munnar through the Udumalppetta route. Marayoor is famous of the natural sandalwood forest. Not only that, this place is said to be part of the ancient stone age civilization dated back to 10,000 B.C. Stone age paintings, rock edicts and dolmens found there vouch for this rich heritage.

8. Tea Museum: This tea museum is first of its kind in India. It is located at KDHP’s Nullatanni estate in Munnar. The aim of this museum according to its founders is to showcase the growth of more-than-a-century-old tea plantations in this region. Anyone visiting this museum will get a clear picture of how laborious this tea processing really is.

9. Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary: Chinnar wildlife sanctuary is about 60 kms from Munnar. It is situated on SH 17 in the Marayoor and Kanthalloor Panchayats of Idukki district. It is an ideal spot for trekking and enjoying wildlife closely. It is the habitat for endangered grizzled giant squirrel in India. Almost 34 species of mammals including panthers, spotted deers, elephants, tigers can be found here. It is also a bird watchers paradise.

10. Tea Plantations: How can one resist a tea garden tour when you are in Munnar? Rolling hillsides covered with tea plantations is a sight to behold. The lush greenery and the soothing cold wind with a mild aroma of tea leave totally rejuvenate you.

11. Attukad Waterfalls: Now this is a scenic waterfalls located between Munnar and Pallivasal. It is just 9 km away from Munnar. But this waterfalls will be in its full glory only after the monsoon (Rainy season). During other seasons, it is just a trickling mountain stream.

12. Lakkom Water Falls: This waterfall is about 25 kms from Munnar on the way to Udumalaipettai. A Lakkom waterfall is part of Eravikulam National Park. The cascading waterfalls and the scenic surroundings make it tourist’s favorite hideout in Munnar.

13. Blossom Park: Blossom International Park is about 3 km away from Munnar town and it spreads over 16 acres. It is a peaceful location to enjoy a calm and relaxing nature walk admiring flowers and surrounding green hillside. The park offer many activities for tourists like boating, cycling, roller skating etc.